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Our team instigates innovative, imaginative, and courageous combinations of activist organisation and endeavour, scientifically-based research, and artistic practices for the defence, preservation, and enhancement of the environment.


Our starting premise is that the well-being of the environment is inseparable from the questions of freedom, equality, and justice.


We invite individuals, groups, and organisations: join us in ongoing experiments or suggest new combinations with us.





EARTH-WATER-AIR is a platform that establishes and advances environmental humanities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through productive collaborations at the intersection of activism, academia, and the arts.


Environmental humanities understands and acts on ecological crises as consequences of social and economic inequality.


Our community work focuses on the problems of environmental violence, in its multiple forms, and we investigate how, as a community, we can achieve ecological justice.


Environmental violence is investigated as a continuation of the war-time logic in BiH, in which ethnic elites steal natural resources and sacrifice human and other species’ lives for profit.


Environmental violence is used consistently by ethnic elites to create social instability and to deepen poverty in order to remain in power.


Environmental violence turns environments into sacrificial zones, degraded with poisons, waste, and pollution. In these zones, all life is threatened.


Ecological justice is demanded through community work that insists on urgently resolving cases of concrete ecological violence that is aimed against environments, natural resources, people, and other species.


Ecological justice unites communities beyond the confines of identity politics for the common good of all.


Dr. Damir Arsenijević, founder of EARTH-WATER-AIR platform


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The project is enabled thanks to the support of Bosnia and Herzegovina Resilience Initiative


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